Yoga Classes in Leeds

My classes run throughout the year in North Leeds, near Oakwood Clock, LS8 and Chapel Allerton at Seven Arts Centre. Some of my students have been attending for over 15 years, some have recently joined.

I have been running the classes in Leeds since 1996. I trained in London from 1990. My basis to my teaching is Iyengar Yoga but I adapt  my classes according to what is needed. As I have trained in several styles of yoga, I have, at my fingertips, many experiences and knowledge that allow me to give a broader dimension. Yoga is a universal practice and belongs to no-one in particular but different Gurus have developed systems according to their own perspective. The goal is ultimately the find inner peace, to know oneself more deeply, to be physically strong and healthy.

Yoga and psychotherapy or counselling can work together. If you want to enjoy old age..........come and check out my classes!

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