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Relationships are the biggest part of life - friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, partners, lovers, family. It is usually misunderstandings with others that lead to stress, upset, angry feelings, disappointment......and such feelings are usually born out of a difference in attitude or beliefs or aspirations, or simply not listening to each other.

 What are the misunderstandings? what are the barriers that stop the flowing of love and affection? what are the dynamics that mean you have to break contact with someone or to separate? why do you get on well with some and not others? why have you walked away from a job? how do you want to be in yourself when people have been destructive, punishing, abusive, unjust, betraying you?  How to find your empowerment? Who is controlling whom?

All relationships require listening and hearing from both/ all people. If one person has an agenda and is forcing that agenda onto another, there will be an impasse.  When one person tries to control another, there will be frustration and anger. 

 My role is to help you explore how you behave, what you think, what you feel. I explore the dynamics of your relationships i.e. who is controlling, who is submissive, who avoids conflict, who is too generous and giving...etc.  We will look at the behaviour of the other person and see how you are operating together, whether this is friendship, work, family or marriage.

Couples Counselling..often, it is just as relevant and helpful to see me on your own. If you are wanting your partner to come to counselling and he/she does not want to come, then you cannot force couples counselling.  Come and talk about it yourself to see what we can deduce about what is happening.

Sessions £35 - £70. The Matrix Centre, Goodman Street, LS10 1NZ.  0113 271 4810. Daytime and Evenings available.


What my clients say...

Thank you for helping me with this (PTSD) – I can now listen to that song again.

- Michael

Thank you Kristal. You saved my life

- Anon