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Self-confidence is an aspect of yourself that either develops well or badly, as you grow up or your confidence may take a knock following a bad life experience.  IF you want to change something in yourself, the counselling sessions can help you with that.

When lack of confidence starts to seriously affect you in adult life, it causes you to hold back from doing things, to stay silent when you wish you could speak out, to stay stuck in relationships or in jobs.  Confidence can be eroded by life experiences such as a trauma, or bullying, or being unfairly treated or ignored.   When confidence is knocked, sometimes it takes time to build yourself up again.  Even if you have felt shy all your life, it is possible to re-train your thinking and beliefs so that your brain starts to re-wire differently.

My belief is that you have potential to do anything that you would like to do,  and I believe that it is only your way of thinking that stops you from being content with yourself.   

Fees: £35 - £50. First session £60.

Daytime hours at The Matrix Centre, Hunslet, LS10 1NZ. Some evenings are available nearby.

Give me a ring for an intial chat 0113 271 4810.


What my clients say...

Thank you for helping me with this (PTSD) – I can now listen to that song again.

- Michael

Thank you Kristal. You saved my life

- Anon