Coping with losing a loved one - Counselling Leeds

I offer sessions either short-term or longer-term to help with loss.

We can work for a few sessions to address something that is happening now or has recently happened to you. We can take a longer term to address loss or bereavement from the past that is unresolved for you.

It is important to allow yourself time and a space where you can express your feelings of loss and there is a process of letting go and acceptance that needs to happen in order for you to heal.

Many people keep the stiff upper lip and carry on, thinking they will cope. Some people feel shame at "not being able to cope"....that is normal.  Often we are expected to "cope".  Sometimes people have come to see me to talk about a childhood loss that was "never talked about". Sometimes people have come to talk about stress that turns out to be related to losing a loved one.

Feel free to give me a ring to have an initial chat.

Fees: from £35 - £50. First session £60. Daytime office hours, I work at The Matrix Centre, Hunslet LS10 1NZ. Some evenings are available. 0113 271 4810.



What my clients say...

Thank you for helping me with this (PTSD) – I can now listen to that song again.

- Michael

Thank you Kristal. You saved my life

- Anon