About Me

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 Before becoming a psychotherapist and counsellor, I studied modern languages and yoga, and worked in different businesses before school teaching for 5 years in London.

During my training years I did additional study of meditation and mindfulness - techniques and practices that I sometimes introduce into my counselling sessions.

I have worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist since 1990. I started my experience at a Drop-In centre in North London, then took on volunteer counselling work at various centre in Leeds - The Market Place for young people, Leeds Met, Leeds (WPF) Counselling. Following my psychotherapy training with University of Leeds, I continued at Leeds Counselling and changed to setting up in private practice.
I have worked privately since then and alongside my therapeutic counselling work I practice and teach yoga - Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

My counselling/therapy work has included long-term private work, short-term private work, EAP Workplace counselling, student counselling and working with young people aged 16-20yrs and I have helped couples.

I address any emotional or practical dilemmas that people bring to me. The most common subject matters are stress, anxiety, work and personal conflicts.  I have worked with loss, bereavement and grieving, eating disorders, sexual. mental or physical abuse, gender conflicts, low self -esteem, redundancy, work grievances, marriage breakdowns, have helped people from abroad to settle into work and life in the UK.

Each person is unique. Despite theories and learning, I aim to listen carefully and to understand what is being presented to me. I continue to evolve my practice to include any tools or strategies that can help. Sometimes I take from my yoga experiences and at times I use the principles of mindfulness to help calm a busy mind.  Sometimes I may take a history of the past, sometimes I do not do this.  The technique of counselling and therapy is about having a conversation and seeing what develops.

Counselling and psychotherapy embrace the same principles of Yoga - the mind-body relationship. Illness can occur when we hold everything inside. Stretch out the body and tension is released. Talk in counselling and tension is released.

Certificate in Counselling Skills
Foundation Year in Gestalt Psychotherapy 1995-1996, London.
Diploma in Therapeutic counselling 1996-1998, Leeds Met.
Msc in Psychotherapy 1998 -2003, university of Leeds. Degree with merit.
One Year of Brief Psychotherapy.

Courses in Mindfulness 
Meditation Practice
Teacher Trainings in Yoga including Yoga Breathing Practices

Undertaken personal training therapy - 8 -9years.


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What my clients say...

Thank you for helping me with this (PTSD) – I can now listen to that song again.

- Michael

Thank you Kristal. You saved my life

- Anon