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Counselling Leeds with Kristal can help you to understand why you feel lacking in self confidence and what may be the triggers for it.
There are many aspects to relationships - like the facets of a diamond. Sometimes the most minor disagreements can become a symptom of something...
You may be experiencing the death of a loved one or someone else who has meant a lot to you, or a pet animal, or your health, a job/career, a...
Stress.....a word that sums up many emotions and thoughts that sometimes cannot be understood from worry to OCD.

Red Book time:

 Before becoming a psychotherapist and counsellor, I studied modern languages and yoga, and worked in different businesses before school teaching for 5 years in London.

During my training years I did additional study of meditation and mindfulness - techniques and practices that I sometimes introduce into my counselling sessions.

I have worked as a... Read More


What my clients say...

Thank you for helping me with this (PTSD) – I can now listen to that song again.

- Michael

Thank you Kristal. You saved my life

- Anon